We spend our entire lives making choices in accordance with our values.

Don't let your end-of-life plan be inconsistent with your values.

Do you value the environment and the quality of life for all living things? Do you care about issues like energy conservation, climate change, water quality, natural resources, carbon footprint, or toxic pollution? If you value any of these things, please consider making an end-of-life plan that is consistent with your values.

Did you know that what happens to your body after your death is likely to have carbon footprint larger than that of a person in Nepal has during their entire life?  The carbon footprint to manufacture and transport a steel casket is between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds of CO2 depending on where the casket is made. The carbon footprint for a 3 hour cremation is between 350 and 600 lbs. of CO2.  The carbon footprint of a person living in Nepal for 70 years is less than 175 lbs. of CO2.

Know your Values

Explore your Options

Make your Plan

Take the Pledge

Pledge today to make your end-of-life plan consistent with your values. You don't want to leave these things to chance.  You don't want to make your loved ones guess what you might have wanted.  Write your end-of-life plan so that your family can appreciate peace of mind and solace at a time of grieving and healing.