More Trees for City of Beaver Dam

John Neumann talks to students on Arbor Day.
Last month the Northwoods Casket Company donated $1000 to the City of Beaver Dam Tree Nursery where John Neumann, the Parks and Forestry Supervisor for the city of Beaver Dam, plants trees and cares for them until they are ready to be transplanted around the city.   According to John, "Every $1 spent on a sapling today translates to a savings of $50 or more later when the trees are transplanted."  

On Arbor Day, four trees from the nursery were transplanted to a site on Washington Street near the city's new police station.  Crews planted four Japanese Tree Lilacs that will grow to be roughly 25 feet tall and bloom every June.  Students from Washington Elementary School attended the planting and sang a song about Mother Earth.  The Mayor of Beaver Dam, Tom Kennedy, said a few words as did Olivia Witthun, Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator for the DNR.  Olivia spoke of the benefits that trees provide, producing oxygen, shade and habitat for wildlife.  She then presented a Tree City USA flag to the mayor and congratulated the city for being a Tree City USA for 21 years.

At Northwoods Casket Company, we are proud of our city's commitment to maintaining a healthy tree population for current and future residents to enjoy.  

To see the local news article about the Arbor Day event, please visit the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.