Down to Earth: BD man offers ‘green choice’ for burial

Northwoods Casket made the front page of the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen today (November 14, 2011).  I spent an hour with Assistant Editor, Ken Thomas, last week for a nice chat at Blackwaters Coffee House.

.  Here is the article contributed by Ken Thomas.  

Jonas Zahn is shown with a Northwoods Casket.
When it comes to the end of life, many are getting back to basics.
Part of the latest groundswell in funeral planning is replacing the fancy steel and bronze confection that served as a casket with a simple pine box. A Beaver Dam manufacturer has taken that box one step further, and is making it “green” in every sense of the word. Northwoods Casket Company not only uses materials that would be classified as waste, but promises to plant 100 trees for every casket built.
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