Natural Burial Trundle

trundle end.jpg
trundle end.jpg

Natural Burial Trundle


Style: Trundle tray
Material: Wisconsin pine
Color: Natural (unfinished)
Finish: Natural oil - VOC free

I Want One

Could It Be This Way?

Covered in flowers from head to toe; one small bouquet from every person in attendance. Concealed in an organic natural burial shroud, yet entirely present. A vigil without direct viewing.

This is the original natural burial trundle and organic cotton burial shroud. Designed for burial in a conservation cemetery, yet suitable for burial in a traditional vault in any cemetery; and an ideal choice for cremation.

Less is more.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. This is the original. I am glad to see so many imitations.

Plant it Forward.

Pledge to use this casket in your end-of-life plan and we'll plant 100 trees this year.  And 100 more next year. And another 100 trees every year thereafter. Your pledge costs nothing and takes 5 minutes.  Pledge today.