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The Northwoods Casket Company of Wisconsin does not support consumer-direct sales. All sales are supported through funeral homes, funeral supply companies, independent resellers, and online retail partners. Learn where to buy a casket through one of the following sales support partners:

  • Ask your local Funeral Director about a Northwoods Casket.
  • Contact one of our local independent resellers.
  • Buy online from one of our retail partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price for a casket?

The retail prices paid in casket stores and funeral homes for Northwoods caskets range from less than $1000 for the Simple Pine Box Kit or a Natural Burial Trundle to more than $4000 for some of our finest handcrafted wooden caskets. Casket prices are set by our funeral home partners and vary depending on cost of delivery and funeral home mark-up. The Northwoods Casket Company sells caskets through a growing network of funeral homes the same way auto manufacturers sell automobiles through a network of dealerships. Our network is growing fast as we add about one new funeral home location every week! Our trusted network of funeral homes help us with the last mile in serving families in communities and keep us focused on manufacturing quality caskets--and of course, planting lots and lots of trees!

How do I provide a casket to my funeral director?

First, ask your funeral director about getting a Northwoods Casket for your funeral. Any funeral director in the United States can order a casket from the Northwoods Casket Company and have it drop-shipped in 3-5 business days. If you prefer to assemble one of our caskets yourself, you can purchase casket kits from any number of casket stores, funeral supply companies or online retailers who sell our products. Check our where to buy page for a list of funeral homes and retail locations that stock or ship our products.

Will my local cemetery allow me to use a natural burial casket?

Yes. While most cemeteries require the use of a concrete or steel burial vault, no cemetery in the United States has any regulation regarding the use of a simple natural casket. The use of a natural burial casket is one way any funeral service provider can offer an alternative to conventional steel caskets that a shade greener than a conventional burial.

How quickly can I get a casket delivered?

In the state of Wisconsin we can deliver a casket in 1-2 business days. For funeral homes outside of Wisconsin, we may refer deliveries to local independent resellers or regional funeral supply companies who carry our products for expedited delivery. We also ship caskets nationwide with a variety of carries including UPS and FedEx with 3- to 5-day guaranteed delivery depending on delivery address.

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Can I purchase a fully assembled casket?

Yes, you can order a fully assembled casket ready for a funeral service delivered directly to your funeral home. Have your funeral director contact us for quote and to arrange deliver.

How long does it take to assemble a casket kit?

For most people with basic hand tool skills, our caskets can be put together in about an hour. The casket can be assembled in one hour and the screws can be removed after a few hours when the glue dries.

Read more about our casket kit assembly instructions.

How much weight can one of your casket kits support?

Most casket manufacturers test up to 500 lbs. We've tested our caskets with a load of 1000 lbs. Check out this blog article for a complete description of our casket load test. You can also view the video of our casket load test on

What is a Natural Burial?

A natural burial is a burial method gaining popularity around the world, and particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States. A natural burial does involves biodegradable materials including materials for the casket, vault, and preparation of the human remains for burial.

Read more at the Green Burial Council.
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Are there laws or regulations that would prohibit the use of a Natural Burial Casket?

There are no federal laws or regulations that prohibit use of a simple wooden casket to dispose of human remains. To our knowledge, no state or county in the US prohibits use of a simple wooden casket. The only requirements that we are aware of include cemeteries that require a vault (typically made from concrete or steel). On the contrary, there is a growing trend for natural burial cemeteries in the US that require use of a biodegradable casket made from wood, paper, or cloth.

Read more about natural burials from Greensprings natural cemetery.

What is a carbon footprint and why is it important?

A carbon footprint is an expression of the net amount of energy consumed by an activity. Energy consumption ultimately results in the conversion of fuel (natural resources) into carbon dioxide. This is an important measure as it reflects the consumption of natural resources, the impact on global warming, and the overall impact an activity has on the future of our planet.

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Do you use animal-based glue?

We do not use animal-based glue (a.k.a hide glue) in any part of our caskets or casket kits.

Where do you get your lumber?

We get all of our lumber from local sources in Wisconsin. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of our lumber comes from sources that use sustainable practices to grow, harvest, and mill the lumber we use in our products. We believe firmly in promoting sustainable practices for a smarter planet.

Can I sell your caskets?

Yes, you can! Join us in our mission to promote sustainable practices for a smarter planet. You can become a Northwoods Casket Comapany distributor or retailer. It is easy.

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