A Wisconsin Company for a Good Cause

The Northwoods Casket Company of Wisconsin builds eco-friendly caskets. Made from Wisconsin pine, nature's renewable resource, a Northwoods Casket™ is an affordable, quality-constructed, low-impact alternative to conventional caskets fabricated from steel and other precious metals or hardwoods. The Northwoods Casket Company distributes caskets to funeral homes, funeral supply companies, and casket stores nationwide. Northwoods Caskets™ are also sold by independent resellers and on-line retailers.

Founded in 2006 by Jonas A. Zahn, the Northwoods Casket Company of Wisconsin is the culmination of years of research in the natural burial movement and dozens of prototype caskets built since crafting his first casket for his grandfather in 2004. With the help of family and friends, Jonas reorganized the Northwoods Casket Company as an LLC in Wisconsin, created a new web site, and ultimately sold his first caskets in 2010. The company focused efforts in 2010 to limit the environmental impact of operations by selecting suppliers, manufacturing practices, packaging techniques, and a distribution strategy consistent with its mission to promote sustainable practices for a smarter planet.

Going Green!

  • Growing Preference for Green Burials
    A recent AARP poll asked: "Which type of burial is most appealing?" Only 8% wanted a traditional cemetery burial and only 18% chose cremation. Of those polled through the AARP website, 70.4% chose Green Burial.
  • Carbon-Neutral Coffin
    Julian Atkinson, who runs what he claims is the U.K.'s first carbon-neutral coffin manufacturing operation, is trying to convince consumers that his locally made coffins, built from certified sustainable wood, are more environmentally friendly than imported willow or bamboo coffins "of uncertain provenance that are shipped halfway around the world."