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Vintage Milk Paint

Vintage Milk Paint Casket in Antique Blue with Roses

Vintage milk paint casket in antique blue with red and yellow roses.

Product Description

These vintage milk painted series of caskets are another Northwoods original from Wisconsin. We mix our own paint with pure organic ingredients. Vintage milk paint is made by combining milk protein and lime without the use of harmful chemicals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We add a touch of naturally occuring pigment to the paint to create colors as bold as they are beautiful. We offer several colors including Pearl White, Rosewood, Antique Blue, and Forest Green.

The inside lining of each vintage milk painted casket is made from 100% natural cotton muslin. Two pillows and three cushions are made from 100% pure, all-natural cotton stuffed with recycled shredded newspring. The pillows and cushions are designed such that they can be arranged in a variety of ways for various positions making this casket interior 100% metal-free for a practical, eco-friendly, and elegant casket lining that is soft to the touch.

This casket is designed to fit into a standard 30-inch burial vault. The casket outside dimensions are 82L x 29.5W x 20H (inches). The inside dimensions are 76.5L x 23.5W x 15H (inches).

Panel Casket with hinged lid.

The two-piece (half-couch) lid style is preferred by many families for an open casket viewing.

Color with Milk Paint

Northwoods Three Panel Caskets are available in several finishes. We exclusively use natural oils and color pigments to create our color finishes. All casket finishes contain zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are safe to work with and clean/safe for burial in all cemeteries.

  • Antique Blue
    We apply two coats of paint followed by light sanding for that antiqued look. Natural themed patterns are stenciled in green, yellow, and rose. A final topcoat of Danish Oil gives the paint a smooth, soft, and glossy finish.
  • Rosewood
    For this model we apply two coats of rose-colored paint and a topcoat of Danish oil to bring out the beautiful texture of the natural wood grain.
  • Forest Green
    We apply two coats of forest green paint followed by a topcoat of Danish oil to bring out the beautiful texture of the natural wood grain.
  • Custom Order
    Do you have a favorite color? Do you have a theme? Email or call us with your ideas and we can create a vintage milk paint color and theme for you. Minimum 10 days turnaround.
  • Paint Your Own!
    Have your own ideas? Order a plain pine (unfinished) casket so your family can creatively paint or decorate a casket for their loved one.
Casket painted by children and grand-children just for Grandma.

This family gathered grandchildren and great-grandchildren to give Grandma's casket a very personal touch with paint, stencils, notes, and photographs.

Shipping Details

Shipping Weight: 200 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 82L x 30W x 22H (inches)
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