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Natural Burial Trundle & Shroud

Natural Burial Trundle & Shroud

Product Description

Ideal for a low-impact natural burial, our Natural Burial Trundle & Shroud are made from 100% biodegradable materials. Our trundle is made from tongue & groove pine boards and accompanied with an all-natural cotton rope handle on the outside edges. The shrouded body rests on a pine trundle and is held in position with two jute ties to ease in transport and handling. The natural burial trundle is our most affordable and lowest-impact option for natural burial cemeteries.

A burial shroud is an old tradition with Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Native American origin. A burial shroud provides a family with an elegant and dignified burial with minimal impact on the environment. Woven from domestically produced all-natural cotton, our Monk's Cloth Cotton Natural Burial Shroud is not bleached and contains no dye. Opaque in its natural hue, this shroud is soft to touch. The shroud measures 120L X 54W (inches) with all edges double-hemmed providing ample material for full body shroud.

Natural Burial Trundle

Natural Burial Trundle made from tongue & groove pine with all-natural cotton rope handles.

Trundle & Shroud Options

Northwoods Natural Burial Trundle can be sold with or without a shroud. Several natural burial cemeteries keep a trundle on-hand for shrouded burials and burial ceremonies. While some familes opt to lower the shrouded body into the grave with the trundle and bury the trundle, other families choose not to bury the trundle and re-use the trundle at the natural burial cemetery.

  • Natural Burial Trundle Only
    There are many shroud options made by a wide variety of artists with different cultural influences. Our Natural Burial Trundle eases the movement and transport of a shrouded body for burial.
  • Natural Burial Trundle & Shroud Set
    Our all-natural burial shroud sewn from Monk's Cloth cotton is suitable for natural burial cemeteries. We ship our Natural Burial Trundle with one of our Natural Burial Shrouds.

Shipping Details

Shipping Weight: 60 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 82L x 30W x 6H (inches)
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