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Memorial Tree Planting Kit Contents

Our Memorial Tree Planting Kits are available by request for any family that has used a Northwoods Casket.

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Simple by Choice.

Green caskets are good for the environment

At the Northwoods Casket Company, we take pride in our affordable wooden caskets made from environmentally responsible materials. We use locally grown pine lumber, nature's renewable resource, harvested and milled with minimal long-term affect on the environment. In everything we do at the Northwoods Casket Company, we uphold our founding principle to promote sustainable practices for a smarter planet. That means our green caskets are designed and crafted for a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for all of us.

Our choice in lumber is only the first step in our mission. We have taken great care at every step in our manufacturing process to minimize energy consumption in production and shipping. All this adds up to an affordable, low impact, alternative to a commercially manufactured casket made from non-renewable resources such as steel, bronze, brass, and gold.

Let's Build a Smarter Planet!
  • Neutral is Not Good Enough
    Because even the most sustainable practices cannot eliminate our carbon footprint we plant 100 trees for every casket we build. This is part of our mission in the global challenge to save the planet.
  • Become a Distributor
    Join us in our mission to promote sustainable practices for a smarter planet by becoming a Northwoods Casket Company reseller. It's easy.